Principal Investigator

Weihua Yue
Genetic Susceptibility of Mental Illness


Research Interests:

Prof. Yue have been committed to finding the susceptibility genes of schizophrenia in Chinese Han population. The major academic performances of the applicant are as follows: 1) Using the genome-wide association study (GWAS) and meta- analysis across East Asian and PGC Caucasian populations, to explore novel susceptible loci of schizophrenia. They will further explore the potential function of the novel susceptible genes using the animal models. 2) Using the multi-omics approaches (with clinic- psychological- GWAS- mRNA- microRNA data), they evaluate the potential interactive effects of genetic polymorphisms or variants, on transcriptional levels or neuroimaging characters in psychiatric patients. 3) With a relatively large sample size of pharmacogenomics, they further search susceptible genes associated with individual differences in therapeutic or side effects of common antipsychotic medicines.



Selected Publications:

1. Yu H, Yan H, Wang L, Li J, Tan L, Deng W, Chen Q, Yang G, Zhang F, Lu T, Yang J, Li K, Lv L, Tan Q, Zhang H, Xiao X, Li M, Ma X, Yang F, Li L, Wang C, Li T, Zhang D, Yue W*, Chinese Antipsychotics Pharmacogenomics Consortium. (2018) Five novel loci associated with antipsychotic treatment response in patients with schizophrenia: a genome-wide association study. Lancet Psychiatry 5(4):327-338.

2. Yu H, Liu C, Li Z, Zhang X, Cai L, Wang Q, Iwata N, Ikeda M, Yan H, Wang L, Lu T, Chinese Schizophrenia Genetics Group, Li T, Liu B, Shi Y, Zhang D, Yue W*. (2017) Common variants on 2p16.1, 6p22.1 and 10q24.32 are associated with schizophrenia in Chinese Han population. Mol Psychiatry 22(7):954-960.

3. Xu Y#, Yue W#, Yao Shugart Y, Li S, Cai L, Li Q, Cheng Z, Wang G, Zhou Z, Jin C, Yuan J, Tian L, Wang J, Zhang K, Liu S, Song Y, Zhang F. (2016) Exploring transcription factors-microRNAs co-regulating networks in schizophrenia. Schizophr Bull 42(4):1037-45.

4. Yu H, Wang L, Lv L, Ma C, Du B, Lu T, Jin C, Yan H, Yang Y, Li W, Ruan Y, Zhang H, Zhang H, Mi W, Mowry B, Ma W, Li K, Zhang D, Yue W*. (2016) Genome-wide association study suggested the PTPRD polymorphisms were associated with weight gain effects of atypical antipsychotic medications. Schizophr Bull 42(3): 814-23.

5. Yue WH#, Wang HF, Sun LD#, Tang FL, Liu ZH, Zhang HX, Li WQ, Zhang YL, Zhang Y, Ma CC, Du B, Wang LF, Ren YQ, Yang YF, Hu XF, Wang Y, Deng W, Tan LW, Tan YL, Chen Q, Xu GM, Yang GG, Zuo XB, Yan H, Ruan YY, Lu TL, Han X, Ma XH, Wang Y, Cai LW, Jin C, Zhang HY, Yan J, Mi WF, Yin XY, Ma WB, Liu Q, Kang L, Sun W, Pan CY, Shuang M, Yang FD, Wang CY, Yang JL, Li KQ, Ma X, Li LJ, Yu X, Li QZ, Huang X, Lv LX, Li T, Zhao GP, Huang W*, Zhang XJ, Zhang D*. (2011) Genome-wide association study identifies a susceptibility locus for schizophrenia in Han Chinese at 11p11.2. Nat Genet 43(12): 1228-1231.



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