Prof. Zhuan Zhou: Cocaine induces locomotor sensitization through a dopamine-dependent VTA-mPFC-FrA cortico-cortical pathway in male mice.This work demonstrates acute cocaine-induced hypoactivity of FrA neurons in awake mice.2023-03-24 MORE
Dr.Zheng Wang: Brain-wide and cell-specific transcriptomic insights into MRI-derived cortical morphology in macaque monkeys. These data provide a unique resource to investigate nonhuman primate models of human diseases and probe cross-species evolutionary mechanisms.2023-03-20 MORE
Prof. Yulong Li: Genetically encoded sensors for measuring histamine release both in vitro and in vivo. GRABHA sensors are robust tools for measuring extracellular HA transmission in both physiological and pathological processes.2023-03-16 MORE
Prof. Yi Rao:Molecular and cellular mechanisms of the first social relationship:A conserved role of 5-HT from mice to monkeys, upstream of oxytocin. studies reveal a role for serotonin in affiliation conserved from mice and rats to monkeys.2023-03-07 MORE
Dr. Lusha Zhu: Neurocomputational mechanism of real-time distributed learning on social networks. These data suggest a neurocomputational mechanism of network-based filtering on the sources of information.2023-02-17 MORE
Fang Fang and Qian Wang:Rapid processing of invisible fearful faces in the human amygdala. These findings provide direct evidence for the existence of a subcortical pathway specific for rapid fear detection in the amygdala.…2023-02-07 MORE