Principal Investigator

Yi Rao
Behavior and Cognition, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Chemoconnectomics



Research Interests:

The Rao laboratory uses approaches based on molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, biophysics and chemistry to study questions important in neurobiology. Model organisms include Drosophila, mice,rats and humans.


Selected Publications:

  1.  Li Y, Li CG, Liu YX, Yu JJ, Yang JQ, Cui YF, Wang TV, Li CY, Jiang LF, Song ML and Rao Y (2023). Sleep need, the key regulator of sleep homeostasis, is both indicated and controlled by phosphorylation of threonine 221 in salt inducible kinase 3. Genetics224:iyad136 (bioRxiv 2021.11.06.467421).
  2.  Dai X, Yang W, Zhang X, Zhou E, Liu Y, Wang T, Zhang WX, Zhang XX and Rao Y (2023). ppGpp is present in, and functions to regulate sleep of, Drosophila. hLife (bioRxiv2022.11.17.516975).
  3. Jia X, Zhu J, Bian X, Liu S, Yu S, Liang W, Jiang L, Mao R and Rao Y (2023) Importance of glutamine in synaptic vesicles revealed by functional studies of SLC6A17 and its mutations pathogenic for intellectual disability. eLife 12:RP86972 (bioRxiv2022.10.25.513688).
  4.  Liu Y, Shan L, Liu T, Li J, Chen Y, Sun C, Yang C, Bian X, Niu Y, Zhang C, Xi J and Rao Y (2023). Molecular and cellular mechanisms of the first social relationship: A conserved role of 5-HT from mice to monkeys, upstream of oxytocin. Neuron 111:1468-1685.
  5. Liu ZY, Jiang LF, Li CY, Li CG, Yang JQ, Yu JJ, Mao RB and Rao Y (2022). LKB1 is physiologically required for sleep from Drosophila melanogaster to the Mus musculus. Genetics 221:iyac082.
  6. Liu YX, Wang TV, Cui YF, Li CY, Jiang LF and Rao Y (2022). STE20 phosphorylation of AMPK related kinases revealed by biochemical purifications combined with genetics. J Biol Chem 298:101928.
  7. Liu YX, Wang TV, Cui YF, Gao SX and Rao Y (2022). Biochemical purification uncovers mammalian sterile 3 (MST3) as a new protein kinase for multifunctional protein kinases AMPK and SIK3.J Biol Chem 298:101929.
  8. Dai XHM, Zhou EX, Yang W, Deng BW, Li Q, Liu XX, Zhang WX and Rao Y (2021). Molecular resolution of a behavioral paradox: sleep and arousal are regulated by distinct acetylcholine receptors in different neuronal types in Drosophila. Sleep 10:1093.
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