Principal Investigator

Qian Wang
speech perception、auditory spatial attention,、color perception、perceptual learning、visual cortical prosthesis



Research Interests:

I mainly focus on understanding the neural mechanisms that underlie auditory and visual processing in humans. I use a combination of intracranial recordings and direct brain stimulation in epileptic patients. Topics under investigation include speech perception, auditory spatial attention, color perception, perceptual learning, and visual cortical prosthesis.


Selected Publications:

1. Wang, Q., She, S., Luo, L., Li, H., Ning, Y., Ren, J., Wu, Z., Huang, R., Zheng, Y. (2020) Abnormal Contingent Negative Variation Drifts During Facial Expression Judgment in Schizophrenia Patients. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 14: 274.
2. Wang, Q. #,*, Luo, L. #, Wang, J., Luan, G.M.* (2020) Color Perception Matches Selectivity in Human Early Visual Cortex. Brain Stimulation. 13: 253-255. (#co-first authors) (*co-corresponding authors)
3. Lu, L.X., Wang, Q., Sheng, J.W., Liu, Z.W., Qin, L., Li, L., Gao, J.H.* (2019) Neural tracking of speech mental imagery during rhythmic inner counting. eLife. 8: e48971
4. Wang J#, Wang Q#, Wang M, Luan G*, Zhou J, Guan Y and Yan Z (2018) Occipital Lobe Epilepsy with Ictal Fear: Evidence From a Stereo-Electroencephalography (sEEG) Case. Frontiers in Neurology. 9:644. (*co-first authors)
5. Wang, Q., Lu, H., Wu, Z.M., Li, L. (2018). Neural Representation of Interaural Correlation in Human Auditory Brainstem: Comparisons between Temporal-fine Structure and Envelope. Hearing Research, 365, 165-173
6. Wang, Q., Li, L. (2018). Differences between Auditory Frequency-Following Responses and Onset Responses: Intracranial Evidence from Rat Inferior Colliculus. Hearing Research, 357, 25-32
7. Cui, Z.*, Wang, Q.*, Gao, Y.Y., Wang, J., Wang, M.Y., Teng, P.F., Guan, Y.G., Zhou, J., Li, T.F., Luan, G. M. #, Li, L#. (2017). Dynamic Correlations between Intrinsic Connectivity and Extrinsic Connectivity of the Auditory Cortex in Humans. Frontiers in Human  Neuroscience.11: 407 (*co-first authors) (#co-corresponding authors)
8. Wang, Q., Li, L. (2017) Modelling Envelope and Temporal Fine Structure Components of Frequency-Following Responses in Rat Inferior Colliculus. SCIENCE CHINA Technological Sciences, 60
9. Wang, Q., Li, L. (2015) Auditory midbrain representation of a break in interaural correlation. Journal of Neurophysiology, 114(4), 2258-2264