Principal Investigator

Fang Fang
Visual Perception, Awareness, Attention, Brain Imaging, Cognitive Neuroscience

address: 5 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing. 100871


Research Interests:

My research seeks to understand the neural mechanisms of visual and cognitive processes by combining brain imaging, psychophysical and computational techniques. Topics under investigation include object and face perception, visual adaptation, cortical plasticity, perceptual grouping, contextual modulation, visual attention and awareness.



Selected Publications:

1. Chen J., He Y., Zhu Z., Zhou T., Peng Y., Zhang X. and Fang F.* (2014) Attention-dependent early cortical suppression contributes to crowding.  Journal of Neuroscience. 34(32), 10465-10474.

2. Zhang X., Qiu J., Zhang Y., Han S. and Fang F.* (2014) Misbinding of color and motion in human visual cortex.  Current Biology . 24(12), 1354-1360.

3. Guo G., Wang Y.*, Jiang T., Yuille A.L., Fang F. and Gao W. (2014) A shape reconstructability measure of object part importance with applications to object detection and localization.  International Journal of Computer Vision. 108(3), 241-258.

4. Bi T.#, Chen J.#, Zhou T., He Y. and Fang F.* (2014) Function and structure of human left fusiform cortex are closely associated with perceptual learning of faces.  Current Biology. 24(2), 222-227. (# co-first authors)

5. He D., Kersten D. and Fang F.* (2012) Opposite modulation of high- and low-level visual aftereffects by perceptual grouping.  Current Biology. 22(11), 1040-1045.

6. Zhang X., Zhaoping L., Zhou T. and Fang F.* (2012) Neural activities in V1 create a bottom-up saliency map.  Neuron. 73(1), 183-192.

7. Chen J., Zhou T., Yang H. and Fang F.* (2010) Cortical dynamics underlying face completion in human visual system. Journal of Neuroscience. 30(49):16692-16698.



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