Principal Investigator

Lin Lu
Pathogenesis of Psychiatry Disorders




Research Interests:

Psychiatric disorders (such as substance addiction, depression) have been one of the greatest threats to human health. The Lu’s laboratory investigates the neurobiological mechanisms and clinical intervention measures of substance addiction and depression. Using methods of molecular biology, pharmacology, electrophysiology, molecular genetics, psychology and neural imaging in animal (rats and mice) and human (depression patients and addicts), we aim to study (1) aberrant synaptic plasticity of depression and drug dependence; (2) the molecular mechanisms of dynamic pathological memory; (3) psychological and cognitive changes of depression patients and drug addicts, as well as the pharmacological and behavioral intervention measures.



Selected Publications:

1. Xue YX, Luo YX, Wu P, Shi HS, Xue LF, Chen C, Zhu WL, Ding ZB, Bao YP, Shi J, Epstein DH, Shaham Y, Lu L.*(2012) A memory retrieval-extinction procedure to prevent drug craving and relapse. Science, 336(6078):241-5.

2. Zhang XL, Shi J, Zhao LY, Sun LL, Wang J, Wang GB, Epstein DH, Lu L.* (2011) Effects of Stress on Decision-Making Deficits in Formerly Heroin-Dependent Patients After Different Durations of Abstinence. Am J Psychiatry., 168(6):610-6.

3. Li YQ, Xue YX, He YY, Li FQ, Xue LF, Xu CM, Sacktor TC, Shaham Y, Lu L.*(2011) Inhibition of PKMzeta in nucleus accumbens core abolishes long-term drug reward memory. J Neurosci., 31(14):5436-46.

4. Li FQ, Xue YX, Wang JS, Fang Q, Li YQ, Zhu WL, He YY, Liu JF, Xue LF, Shaham Y, Lu L.*(2010) Basolateral amygdala cdk5 activity mediates consolidation and reconsolidation of memories for cocaine cues. J Neurosci., 30:10351-9.

5. Wang X, Luo YX, He YY, Li FQ, Shi HS, Xue LF, Xue YX, Lu L.* (2010 Sep 22) Nucleus accumbens core mammalian target of rapamycin signaling pathway is critical for cue-induced reinstatement of cocaine seeking in rats. J Neurosci., 30(38):12632-41

6. Li SX, Shi J, Epstein DH, Wang X, Zhang XL, Bao YP, Zhang D, Zhang XY, Kosten TR, Lu L.* (2009) Circadian Alteration in Neurobiology During 30 Days of Abstinence in Heroin Users. Biol Psychiatry, 65(10):905-12

7. Wang XY, Zhao M, Ghitza UE, Li YQ, Lu L.* (2008)  Stress impairs reconsolidation of drug memory via glucocorticoid receptors in the basolateral amygdala. J Neurosci., 28:5602-10.

8. Lu L., Hope BT, Dempsey J, Liu SY, Bossert JM, Shaham Y*.(2005) Central amygdala ERK signaling pathway is critical to incubation of cocaine craving. Nat Neurosci., 8:212-9.



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