Principal Investigator

Cong Yu
Human and Monkey Vision




Research Interests:

We use psychophysical methods to study human vision. Our main research interests are the psychophysical and brain mechanisms underlying visual perceptual learning, and the clinical implications of perceptual learning in amblyopia treatment.



Selected Publications:

1. Wang, R., Zhang J.Y., Klein, S. A., Levi, D. M. & Yu, C. (2014). Vernier perceptual learning transfers to completely untrained retinal locations after double training: a piggybacking effect. Journal of Vision, 14(13):12, 1-10.

2. Zhang, J.Y., Cong, L.J., Klein, S. A., Levi, D. M. & Yu, C. (2014). Perceptual learning improves adult amblyopic vision through rule-based cognitive compensation. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 55, 2020-2030.

3. Wang, R., Zhang, J.Y., Klein, S.A., Levi, D.M. & Yu, C. (2012) Task relevancy and demand modulate double-training enabled transfer of perceptual learning. Vision Research, 61, 33-38.

4.  Liu, X.Y., Zhang, T., Jia, Y.L., Wang, N.L., & Yu, C. (2011) The therapeutic impact of perceptual learning on juvenile amblyopia with or without previous patching treatment. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 52, 1531-1538.

5. Zhang, J.Y., Zhang, G.L., Xiao, L.Q., Klein, S.A., Levi, D.M. & Yu, C. (2010). Rule-based learning explains visual perceptual learning and its specificity and transfer. Journal of Neuroscience, 30, 12323-12328.

6. Xiao, L.Q., Zhang, J.Y., Wang, R., Klein, S.A., Levi, D.M. & Yu, C. (2008). Complete transfer of perceptual learning across retinal locations enabled by double training. Current Biology, 18, 1922-1926.

7. Zhang, J.Y., Kuai, S.G., Xiao, L.Q., Klein, S.A., Levi, D.M. & Yu, C. (2008). Stimulus coding rules for perceptual learning. PLoS Biology, 6, 1651-1660.

8. Kuai, S.G., Zhang, J.Y., Klein, S.A., Levi, D.M. & Yu, C. (2005). The essential role of stimulus temporal patterning in enabling perceptual learning. Nature Neuroscience, 8, 1497-1499.



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