Principal Investigator

Jian Li
reinforcement learning, value-based decision making, uncertainty, social cognition, emotion, dopamine

phone: 010-62767123
address: Room 1714, Wang Kezhen Building, Peking University ,52 Haidian Road, Beijing


Research Interests:

Jian’s Lab is focusing on unraveling the underlying neural mechanisms involved in decision making under uncertainty, particularly value-based decision influenced by the particular contexts, such as mood, emotion and social interactions. His lab is also actively investigating how learning and decision making might be viewed as different aspects of the same underlying neural computations.



Selected Publications:

Tong, Y., Wright, ND., Li, J.* (2020) Disgust selectively dampens value-independent risk-taking for potential gains. Cognition 200: 104266.

Li, L., Li, KK., and Li, J.* (2019) Private but not social information validity modulates social conformity bias. Human Brain Mapping 40(8): 2464-2474.

Sun, J., Li, J.*, and Zhang H.* (2019) Human representation of multimodal distributions as clusters of samples. PLoS Computational Biology. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1006998.

Li, W., Wang, H., Xie, X., and Li, J.* (2019) Neural mediation of greed personality trait on economic risk-taking. eLife 8: e45093. DOI: 10.7554/eLife.45093.

Shen, B., Yin Y.L., McClure, S.M., Zhou, X.L. and Li, J. (2016) High-definition tDCS modulates intertemporal impulsivity in a baseline-dependent manner. NeuroImage 143: 343-352.



Lab Website: