Principal Investigator

Wanze Xie
Child development, Attention, Social perception and emotion, EEG/ERP, Neuroimaging, Network analysis



Research Interests:

In the XieLab, we investigate the development of attention and social perception by studying the neural correlates of these cognitive functions, their relation to child behaviors, and how they change over childhood. Our work also involves the examination of the impact of early adverse experiences on children’s brain health and cognitive outcomes. Our research integrates a combination of behavioral (child looking behaviors), physiological (ECG and EEG/ERP), and neuroimaging (Cortical source localization, fNIRS and MRI) techniques.


Selected Publications:

1. Xie, W., Bathelt, J. Fasman, A., Nelson, C.A., & Bosquet Enlow, M. (2022). Temperament and psychopathology: The “community” to which you belong matters. Child Development, 00, 000-000.

2. Xie, W., Leppänen, J. M., Kane-Grade, F. E., & Nelson, C. A. (2021). Converging neural and behavioral evidence for a rapid, generalized response to threat-related facial expressions in 3-year-old children. NeuroImage, 117732.

3. Xie, W., Jensen, S.K.G., Wade, M., Kumar, S. Westerlund, A., Kakon, S.H., Haque, R., Petri, W.A., & Nelson, C.A. (2019). Growth faltering is associated with altered brain functional connectivity and cognitive outcomes in urban Bangladeshi children exposed to early adversity. BMC Medicine.

4. Xie, W., Kumar, Kakon, S.H., Haque, R., Petri, W.A., & Nelson, C.A. (2019). Chronic inflammation is associated with neural responses to faces in Bangladeshi children. NeuroImage.

5. Xie, W., Mallin, B., & Richards, J. E. (2019). Development of brain functional connectivity and its relation to infant sustained attention in the first year of life. Developmental Science, e12702.

6. Xie, W., McCormick. S.A., Westerlund, A., Bowman, L.C., & Nelson, C. A. (2019). Neural correlates of facial emotion processing in infancy. Developmental Science, e12758.