Prof. Liangyi Chen: Hybrid reconstruction of the physical model with the deep learning that improves structured illumination microscopy. TDV-SIM proves the power of integrating model-based reconstruction methods with DL ones.2023-01-19 MORE
Prof. Yulong Li: A genetically encoded sensor measures temporal oxytocin release from different neuronal compartments. This sensor provides insights into the role of compartmental OT release in physiological and behavioral functions.2023-01-03 MORE
Prof. Jiahong Gao: Increasing diversity in connectomics with the Chinese Human Connectome Project. The Project aims to address these resource and knowledge gaps by acquiring imaging, genetic and behavioral data from a large sample of participants living in an Eastern culture.…2022-12-20 MORE
Prof. Shihui Han: Priority of racial and gender categorization of faces: A social task demand framework. The findings indicate that the priority of racial or gender categorization of other-race or same-race faces varies dynamically.…2022-12-09 MORE
Dr.Huan Luo: Reactivating ordinal position information from auditory sequence memory in human brains. The results provide an effective approach to accessing the behaviorally-relevant ordinal position information in auditory sequence WM and reveal its new temporal characteristics.2022-12-06 MORE
Prof. Xiaolin Zhou: Neurocomputational evidence that conflicting prosocial motives guide distributive justice. The findings provide a comprehensive framework for understanding the cognitive and biological processes. 2022-12-06 MORE