Dr. Peng Zou: Genetically encoded photocatalytic protein labeling enables spatially-resolved profiling of intracellular proteome. The artical reveals substantially higher clearance rate for secreted proteins than ER resident proteins.2023-06-09 MORE
Dr. Zhuo Huang: Coupling of Slack and NaV1.6 sensitizes Slack to quinidine blockade and guides anti-seizure strategy development. These insights can guide the development of innovative therapeutic strategies for KCNT1-related epilepsy.2023-06-09 MORE
Prof. Liangyi Chen: Quantitative structured illumination microscopy via a physical model-based background filtering algorithm reveals actin dynamics. we propose a physical model-based Background Filtering method for living cell SR imaging combined with the 2D-SIM reconstruction procedure (BF-SIM).…2023-06-02 MORE
Prof. Si Wu: Firing rate adaptation affords place cell theta sweeps, phase precession and procession. This study will aid an understanding of the neural mechanism supporting theta phase coding in the brain.2023-06-01 MORE
Prof. Yi Rao: Importance of Glutamine in Synaptic Vesicles Revealed by Functional Studies of SLC6A17 and Its Mutations Pathogenic for Intellectual Disability. Here we report learning deficits in SLC6A17 knockout and point mutants.2023-05-18 MORE
Prof. Lin Lu: China Brain Project: from bench to bedside. the solid foundations in basic research, cutting-edge technologies in brain-inspired intelligence, and large database platforms of human brain health empower the progress of CBP.2023-04-18 MORE