Prof. Zhuang Zhou: Ca2+-independent transmission at the central synapse formed between dorsal root ganglion and dorsal horn neurons2022-09-28 MORE
Prof. Liangyi Chen: Encoding of social novelty by sparse GABAergic neural ensembles in the prelimbic cortex. The article proposes that social novelty information may be encoded by the responses of NewPNs and OldPNs in the PrL area, possibly via synergistic actions on both sides of the seesaw.2022-09-05 MORE
Dr. Donggen Luo: An extra-clock ultradian brain oscillator sustains circadian timekeeping. The master clock is not self-sufficient to sustain free-running behavior rhythms but requires additional endogenous inputs to the clock from the extra-clock ultradian brain oscillators.2022-09-05 MORE
Prof. Zhuan Zhou:Cocaine increases quantal norepinephrine secretion through NET-dependent PKC activation in locus coeruleus neurons。The findings expand the repertoire of mechanisms underlying the effects of cocaine on NE, demonstrate NET as a release enhancer in LC-NE neurons.2022-08-17 MORE
Dr. Qian Wang: Periventricular nodular heterotopia is coupled with the neocortex during resting and task states. PVNH is functionally integrated into cognition-related cortical circuits, suggesting a co-development perspective of ectopic neurons after their migration failure.2022-08-15 MORE
Prof. Fang Fang & Dr. Qian Wang: Distinct roles of theta and gamma rhythms in inter-areal interaction in human visual cortex revealed by cortico-cortical evoked potentials2022-08-15 MORE