Dr. Peng Zou: Orange/far-red hybrid voltage indicators with reduced phototoxicity enable reliable long-term imaging in neurons and cardiomyocytes.…2023-09-01 MORE
Dr. Peng Zou: Functional imaging-guided cell selection for evolving genetically encoded fluorescent indicators. They present a functional imaging-guided photoactivatable cell selection platform-Faculae, for linking microscopic phenotype with the underlying genotype in a pooled mutant library.…2023-08-31 MORE
Prof. Yun Wang: CDYL knockdown reduces glioma development through an antitumor immune response in the tumor microenvironment. The artical reports the roles of Chromodomain Y-like (CDYL), an important epigenetic transcriptional corepressor in the central nervous system in glioma progression.…2023-07-06 MORE
Prof. Fang Fang: Dyadic visual perceptual learning on orientation discrimination. we demonstrate that the social context, learning with a partner, can remarkably augment the plasticity of low-level visual information process.…2023-06-21 MORE
Dr. Zheng Wang: Noncoding transcripts are linked to brain resting-state activity in non-human primates. They observe that 150 noncoding genes explain variations in resting-state activity at a comparable level with protein-coding genes.…2023-06-21 MORE
Prof. Weihua Yue: Prediction of treatment response to antipsychotic drugs for precision medicine approach to schizophrenia: randomized trials and multiomics analysis. This study presents a promising precision medicine approach to evaluate treatment response.2023-06-14 MORE