Title: Fast 3D Optical Recording of Neuronal Activity using Custom-Address Serial Holography

Speaker: Dr. Laurent Bourdieu, CNRS member, Ecole Normale Suoerieure, Paris, France

Time: 13:00-14:30, December 17, 2019

Location: Room B101, Lui Che Woo Building


3D optical recordings of neuronal activity at cellular and millisecond resolution in-vivo are required to understand neuronal computation at the cortical column scale. Random-address multiphoton recording using acousto-optic deflectors permits fast data acquisition in 3D, but  is challenged by motion artefacts in behaving animals. To solve this issue, we designed a two-photon microscope allowing 3D serial holography and built upon acousto-optic light modulators synchronized to a high power laser amplifier. By scanning in 3D extended holographic patterns of excitation light covering the typical extent of target cell movements, we obtained stable, high sensitivity recordings of neurons in head-fixed behaving mice. To validate the approach, we recorded from GCaMP6f-expressing neurons in layers 2/3 and 5 of primary visual cortex at hundreds Hz sampling rates and characterized the temporal structure of neuronal activity across layers during visual processing.

Host: Prof. Liangyi Chen