Title: New chemical biology tools for GPCRs

  Speaker:Prof. Rob Leurs,Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam,Netherlands

  Time: January 25th,13:00-14:30

  Location: 金光楼101报告厅

  host: Yulong Li 、 Hui Dong


  G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) constitute one of the most important class of drug targets and responsible for around one third of current drugs in the pharmacy. At VU Amsterdam, we work for many years on the medicinal chemistry and chemical biology of various subfamilies of GPCRs, with a strong focus on both histamine and chemokine receptors. Over the years we have generated a number of exciting new chemical biology tools for the study of histamine and chemokine receptors, their ligands and their pharmacology. In this talk, I will describe the emergence of receptor structural biology and the development of new ligands for fluorescent labelling or photopharmacological approaches (photocaging and photoswitching). All these new tools allow the research community to develop new approaches to study histamine and chemokine receptors and their roles in (patho)physiology.


  Professor Leurs is currently involved in research on G-protein coupled receptors, with specific emphasis on ligands and receptor proteins for histamine and chemokines. Moreover, he is co-founder of Griffin Discoveries, a company that is valorizes the G-protein coupled receptor expertise and is currently involved in the discovery and development of GPCR receptor ligands. Next to that, he has in recent years started a new line on structure based development of potential drugs against Neglected Tropical Diseases. Prof. Leurs has been project leader of a NTD project of the Dutch Top institute Pharma and project leader of the EU-funded program Phosphodiesterase inhibitors for Neglected Parasitic diseases.