Prof. Fang Fang / Dr. Qian Wang: Local field potentials, spiking activity, and receptive fields in human visual cortex


The concept of receptive field (RF) is central to sensory neuroscience. Neuronal RF properties have been substantially studied in animals, while those in humans remain nearly unexplored. Here, we measured neuronal RFs with intracranial local field potentials (LFPs) and spiking activity in human visual cortex (V1/V2/V3). We recorded LFPs via macro-contacts and discovered that RF sizes estimated from low-frequency activity (LFA, 0.5–30 Hz) were larger than those estimated from low-gamma activity (LGA, 30–60 Hz) and high-gamma activity (HGA, 60–150 Hz). We then took a rare opportunity to record LFPs and spiking activity via microwires in V1 simultaneously. We found that RF sizes and temporal profiles measured from LGA and HGA closely matched those from spiking activity. In sum, this study reveals that spiking activity of neurons in human visual cortex could be well approximated by LGA and HGA in RF estimation and temporal profile measurement, implying the pivotal functions of LGA and HGA in early visual information processing.

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