Cerebral Cortex  | Dr. Li Yi : Enhanced neural synchronization during social communications between dyads with high autistic traits
Science Advances | Dr. Zhuo Huang: Termination of convulsion seizures by destabilizing and perturbing seizure memory engrams. Their findings reveal a causal link between seizure memory engrams and se...
Fundamental Research ︱Dr. Jing Yang:Skin neuropathy and immunomodulation in diseases. The artical summarizes the neuroimmune interactions between neuropathic events and skin immunity.
Cell Research | Dr. Jing Yang:Multiple cancer cell types release LIF and Gal3 to hijack neural signals.They report an overlapping pattern of brain responses, including that in the paraventricular nucl...
Nature Methods | Prof. Yulong Li:Improved green and red GRAB sensors for monitoring spatiotemporal serotonin release in vivo
Molecular Psychiatry︱Prof. Weihua Yue: Genome-wide association study implicates lipid pathway dysfunction in antipsychotic-induced weight gain: multi-ancestry validation
Neuron | Prof. Xiang Yu: Single-neuron projectomes of mouse paraventricular hypothalamic nucleus oxytocin neurons reveal mutually exclusive projection patterns
Nature Metabolism | Prof. Liangyi Chen: Readily releasable β cells with tight Ca2+–exocytosis coupling dictate biphasic glucose-stimulated insulin secretion
Light: Science & Applications  | Prof. Linagyi Chen: Quantitatively mapping local quality of super-resolution microscopy by rolling Fourier ring correlation
eLife | Prof. Si Wu:BrainPy, a flexible, integrative, efficient, and extensible framework for general-purpose brain dynamics programming. It offers an integrated platform for building, simulating, tra...