Fundamental Research ︱Dr. Jing Yang:Skin neuropathy and immunomodulation in diseases


Skin is a vital barrier tissue of the body. Immune responses in the skin must be precisely controlled, which would otherwise cause severe disease conditions such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, or pathogenic infection. Research evidence has increasingly demonstrated the essential roles of neural innervations, i.e., sensory and sympathetic signals, in modulating skin immunity. Notably, neuropathic changes of such neural structures have been observed in skin disease conditions, implicating their direct involvement in various pathological processes. An in-depth understanding of the mechanism underlying skin neuropathy and its immunomodulatory effects could help reveal novel entry points for therapeutic interventions. Here, we summarize the neuroimmune interactions between neuropathic events and skin immunity, highlighting the current knowledge and future perspectives of this emerging research frontier.

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