Principal Investigator

Huan Luo
Cognitive Neuroscience

address: Department of Psychology, Peking University, 5 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian, Beijing, 100871, China

Huan Luo,Professor


Research Interests:

My lab is interested in exploring temporal dynamics in cognitive behaviors and neuronal activities, by employing and combining various time-resolved approaches (behavioral measurements, MEG, EEG, etc.). Recent topics under investigation include: (1) temporal dynamics in visual/auditory processing, perception, attention, learning and memory; (2) Neuronal oscillation mechanism.

Selected Publications:

1.        Huang Y, Chen L, Luo, H.* (2015) Behavioral oscillation in priming: competing perceptual predictions conveyed in alternating theta-band rhythms. Journal of Neuroscience 35(6): 2830-2837.

2.        Song, K., Meng, M., Chen, L., Zhou, K.*, Luo, H.* (2014) Behavioral oscillations in attention: rhythmic alpha pulses mediated through theta band. Journal of Neuroscience 34(14): 4837-4844.

3.        Luo, H.*, Tian, X., Zhou, K., Song, K., Poeppel, D. (2013) Neural response phase tracks how listeners learn new acoustic representations. Current Biology 23(11): 968-974.

4.        Luo, H.*, Poeppel, D.* (2012) Cortical oscillations in auditory perception and speech: evidence for two temporal windows in human auditory cortex. Frontiers in Psychology (3).

5.        Luo, H.*, Liu, Z., Poeppel, D.* (2010) Auditory cortex tracks both auditory and visual stimulus dynamics using low-frequency neuronal phase modulation. PLoS Biology 8(8).

6.        Luo, H.*, Wang, Y., Poeppel, D., Simon, J.Z. (2007) Concurrent encoding of frequency and amplitude modulation in human auditory cortex: an encoding transition. Journal of Neurophysiology 98: 2473-3485.

7.        Luo, H., Poeppel, D.* (2007) Phase patterns of neuronal responses reliably discriminate speech in human auditory cortex. Neuron 54(6): 1001-1010.

8.        Luo, H.*, Boemio, A., Gordon, M., Poeppel, D.(2007)Perception of FM sweeps by Chinese and English listeners. Hearing Research 224: 75-83.

9.        Luo, H.*, Wang, Y., Poeppel, D., Simon, J.Z.(2006)Concurrent encoding of frequency and amplitude modulation in human auditory cortex: MEG evidence. Journal of Neurophysiology 96(5): 712-723.

10.      Luo, H.*, Husain, F., Horwitz, B., Poeppel, D.(2005)Discrimination and categorization of speech and non-speech sounds in an MEG delayed -match-to-sample study. NeuroImage 28(1): 59-71.


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