Prof. Fang Fang: Neural representations of competing stimuli along the dorsal and ventral visual pathways during binocular rivalry. Key words: binocular rivalry, inverted encoding model, progressive ...
Dr. Qian Wang: Two stages of speech envelope tracking in human auditory cortex modulated by speech intelligibility. Key words: stereo-electroencephalogram (sEEG), envelope tracking, high-γ band power,...
Dr. Sheng Li: Research Articles, Behavioral/Cognitive Tracking neural markers of template formation and implementation in attentional inhibition under different distractor consistency
Dr. Zhuo Huang: JADE2 is essential for hippocampal synaptic plasticity and cognitive functions in mice. Keywords: JADE2; Dendritic spine; Synaptic plasticity; Hippocampus Learning and memory; RAC1.
Prof. Xiaolin Zhou: Reducing craving and consumption in individuals with drug addiction, obesity or overeating through neuromodulation intervention: a systematic review and meta-analysis of its follow...
Dr. Zheng Wang: Mapping brain-wide excitatory projectome of primate prefrontal cortex at submicron resolution and comparison with diffusion tractography
Prof. Shihui Han: Distinct neurocognitive mechanisms underlying learning and representations of symbols of life and death. Key words: learning, life, death, cingulate, lateral frontal cortex.
Prof. Yulong Li: Fluorescence Imaging of Neural Activity, Neurochemical Dynamics, and Drug-Specific Receptor Conformation with Genetically Encoded Sensors
Prof. Yulong Li: Pushing the frontiers: tools for monitoring neurotransmitters and neuromodulators
Dr. Wanze Xie: Temperament and psychopathology: The “community” to which you belong matters