Dr. Yang's lab reported a new BoneClear method for the robust immunolabeling of diverse cellular structures in the intact mouse bones for the first time in the field.
Prof. Fang Fang’s group combined EEG and tACS to investigate the role of alpha oscillations in feature binding
Genetic analysis of human contour integration by the laboratories of Fang Fang and Yi Rao
Prof. Fang Fang’s lab used the population receptive field (pRF) technique to reveal the neural mechanisms of visual crowding effect
Jing Yang's group published a research article on Cell Reports. They developed the new technique, termed ImmuView, for whole-tissue immunolabeling and 3D fluorescence imaging of intact, unsectioned im...
Prof. Si Wu’s group published a research article on eLife. Starting from the first principle of information processing, this article investigated how the cortical neuronal circuit can achieve efficien...
Yun Wang’s group has recently published a paper on Science Signaling and provides a detailed mechanism of TRPV1 internalization and a new potential target for clinical analgesic treatment (Liu et al.,...
Donggen Luo's Lab: 'Mechanosensory circuits coordinate two opposing motor actions in Drosophila feeding' published on Science Advances
Yi Rao's Lab: 'D-Serine made by serine racemase in Drosophila intestine plays a physiological role in sleep' published on Nature Communications
Novel Genetically Encoded Norepinephrine Fluorescent Sensors Published on “Neuron” by Dr. Yulong Li’s Research Group