Jianglai Wu: Kilohertz two-photon fluorescence microscopy imaging of neural activity in vivo
Lin Mei: Neuregulin 1 and ErbB4 signaling in synaptic plasticity and pain sensation
Ru-Rong Ji: Regulation of pain and cognition by immune checkpoint inhibitor
Christophe Leterrier:The axonal cytoskeleton at the nanoscale
Sheng He: Adaptation, Attention and Awareness
Takeo Watanabe:Post training processing in learning during wakefulness and sleep
Elizabeth Phelps:Mechanism of Threat Control and Translation Challenges
Michael Hausser: Forging causal connections between neural circuit activity and behaviour
Timothy Beherens:Representing the structure of problems in frontal hippocampal circuity
Shiming Tang:Studying macaque visual cortex with a large set of natural images
Winfried Denk: Signals and wires, how do they compute?
Liping Wang:Sequence representations in human and monkeys
Huan Luo: Probing and manipulating sequence working memory in human brains
Yanchao Bi: Two systems of knowledge representation in the human brain
Alice Ting: Optogenetic and chemogenetic technologies for probing molecular and cellular interactions
Doris Tsao: “Faces: a neural Rosetta Stone”
Sabine Kastner :Neural dynamics of the attention network
Eve Marder: Perturbations reveal that degenerate circuits hide cryptic individual variability